Dagger of the Sun Teaser: Kale

Just letting you guys know that I’ve been diligently working on Dagger of the Sun edits with my critique partner, the fabulous Priscilla Shay – I say fabulous because not only does she have to look at my make-your-eyes-burn bad novel drafts, she also has to provide feedback that will make it better – all while working on her own novels, short stories, poems, etc. Check out her second weblog here!

In celebration of my hard work this past week, I’m celebrating with a Lord Kaelus (Kale) teaser from chapter two of my novel. Kale is my anti-hero, who is really more of a villain and Delphyne’s future husband, because somehow I will give these two a happy ending!

Now on to the (unedited) teaser:

Lord Kaelus, High Councillor of the Underworld and Master of the Night Palace, was seated in the large dining hall, sipping his ambrosia. A clear liquid, created specifically for him, that on most days satisfied his more primitive urges. However, on this particular day, Kale had spent far too much in the “esteemed” company of the God of the Underworld.

He felt like killing someone.

And with that I bid you farewell for the day, since I must get back to more edits or the fabulous Priscilla Shay will eat my head.

-Rika Ashton

(aka The Diligent One)

P.S: Here’s an image of the colour of Kale’s midnight cloak, which he inherited from Nyx, the Goddess of Night.


One response

  1. Luetta R.

    Wow! He’s sounds evil but delicious.


    July 4, 2012 at 3:55 am

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