How to Entice an Enchantress: The Mancandy Edition!

Warning: The following post has a picture of a man so perfect, he is blinding in his brilliance. I urge you to wear a pair of sunglasses before scrolling down!

While reading How to Pursue a Princess by Karen Hawkins, Lord Kirk – a secondary character in the novel – stole the show for me. He was introduced early in the novel as a brooding, next-door neighbour to the Balfour sisters with an interest in Dahlia – the youngest sister. His demand that the Balfour sisters father repay a loan with interest is what sents Lily – the heroine in How to Pursue a Princess – to her godmother and eventually into the arms of Prince Wulfinski, or Wulf.

Despicable? Or is it?

There was/is something going in between Lord Kirk and Dahlia that had me wondering about the reasons behind his sudden demand.

Was he hurting for money as the sister’s assumed or was it something else?

Well, we do find out his intentions towards the end of the novel and the excerpt from How to Entice an Enchantress included in the mass market paperback edition of How to Pursue a Princess, but I’ll not spoil the goodies for you.

But speaking of “goodies,” I tweeted Karen Hawkins yesterday about her real, life inspiration for Lord Kirk – who I sometimes call Captain Kirk in my head (yup, I’m still loving the new Star Trek) – and this wonderful hunk of mancandy is what she replied with. 🙂


His name is Tyson Ballou and isn’t he gorgeous? It goes without saying that he’s now a member of my male harem of hunks!

Read all about him in How to Entice an Enchantress by Karen Hawkins, releasing on September 17, 2013.

How to Entice an Enchantress (The Duchess Diaries, #3)

Thanks for the mancandy, Ms. Hawkins!

Rika Ashton

(aka The Very Appreciative)

P.S: If you haven’t had a chance to dive into How to Pursue a Princess, I urge you to read it before you get your hands on Lord Kirk’s novel. Why? Because not only is Lord Kirk superyummy, so is Prince Wulf!


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