Summer in a Greek Wrap

I sometimes get hungry – BIG news, I know – but I don’t have the time to cook, so I need to make something that is healthy, filling, tasty and, most importantly, fast. For me, the answer is usually a Greek wrap!

What is a Greek wrap, you ask? And does such a thing actually exist?

A Greek wrap is a non-fictionally creation of goodness…and it is delicious! (And it takes less than 10 minutes to make.)


  1. **Tzatziki sauce (a Greek yogurt and cucumber dip, it’s available in most stores – I buy mine from Costco, called Hannah: Tzatziki Yogurt Dip – Greek Style, but any brand you like is fine.)
  2. Cucumbers (cut into small, thin semi-circles)
  3. Roma tomatoes (diced)
  4. Romaine lettuce
  5. Green bell peppers
  6. Grilled chicken pieces (precooked, cubed)
  7. Blend of Monterey Jack cheese and Cheddar cheese
  8. Feta cheese
  9. Tortilla wrap (any kind is fine, I prefer the red one made out of tomatoes)

*You’ll notice that none of the ingredients have measurements, that’s because you can fill it up however you like. If you like green peppers more than cucumbers, you can put more of the first and avoid the second altogether – it’s really up to you.

**Tzatziki sauce is also easy to make and you can go here for a recipe. (Although, you should drain the plain yogurt on coffee filters to get the excess liquid out so that the sauce will be nice and thick.)


  1. Cut up the vegetables (and tomatoes) as desired, into cubes, diced or by length.
  2. Dice the grilled chicken.
  3. Place the tortilla on a plate, and spread the Tzatziki sauce on the tortilla with a spoon – put as much as you desire.
  4. Put all the vegetables and chicken at the centre of the tortilla.
  5. Sprinkle with Monterey Jack, cheddar and feta cheeses.
  6. Fold two sides of the tortilla toward the centre, hold and roll the other sides. (I never get this part right – the basic idea is to hold the stuffing in the tortilla so it doesn’t escape, but it still tastes good even if it doesn’t always look attractive when I make it.)
  7. Place in an oven (or toaster oven, if you have it) and heat for five minutes in a baking tray and prepare to enjoy!

Tip: Every time I overstuff my tortilla it breaks, so try adding fewer ingredients or conduct a test run with just the veggies and chicken to see if you can roll the tortilla without it ripping.


And when I’m done, I can literally say – it’s a wrap!

Greek Wrap Pic 1

Rika Ashton

(aka, “Suddenly, I’m very hungry…”)

P.S: Whenever I eat this wrap, I’m reminded to work on the next chapter or edits on my novel, Dagger of the Sun – which is set in Ancient Greece. 😉


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