I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World! ♫

For the past week, I’ve been revelling in my newfound freedom from school – sleeping in, surfing the net, playing Candy Crush, and writing till my fingers cramp! YES!!! I’m living the dream – well, my dream anyway.

Except when my dream is broken by periodic boats of depression where I brood about deep philosophical concepts like, “Why does this level only have 50 moves? How am I supposed to crush all the candy AND the jelly in only 50 moves?!”

Tamaki, from Ouran High School Host Club, imitating my depression mode! 😛

But the other day I was rescued from my depression by the most unexpected person – BARBIE!

I was browsing the net after I lost all five lives in Candy Crush and had to wait an entire half hour before I got more and found some EPIC pictures of Barbie from the Around the World collection – Ancient Greek edition to be exact!

Well, you can just imagine my fangirling and squealing when I discovered that Delphyne – yes, MY Delphyne, the psycho-heroine of Dagger of the Sun – had a Barbie counterpart. Not only Delphyne, but Aphrodite, Athena, and Persephone as well.

Check them out!

Here’s Delphyne – she wears a dress similar to this one in a seen from DOTS, although Delphyne’s hair is loose.




And the gorgeous Aphrodite – although, my Aphrodite is blonde.




Persephone – although I imagined her with less unruly hair!




And finally, we have two versions of Athena – and I totally stole the armour from the second for one of Delphyne’s costumes in DOTS!





Athena with armour

Athena with armour

I’ve never been a Barbie fan before, but these ladies were too gorgeous to resist!

Rika Ashton

(aka The New Ancient Greek Barbie Fan)

P.S: I really need to find a male Ken version of Apollo and Kale! 😉




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