It’s 2013 in a Pretty Blue Bow!

Hi all,

It’s the last day of 2013! And this has probably been the busiest year of my life! (Not that I have lived long enough to have very many busy years, yet.)

I have some pretty great (and not so great) memories from 2013, but because I know there is a limit to how far people like to scroll on webpages, I’m going to share only my top ten. (Trust me, picking only a few was hard to do.)

1. I graduated with my Bachelor of Education and got my teaching certificate – I am now certified to mold young minds. (Epic army of Kindergarteners, here I come!)

2. I WON the Liebster Award for blogging! (Clear proof that I am actually as awesome as I think.)

3. I got to join Sabrina Jeffries’ Street Team. 

4. I was NOT chased by any perverted squirrels this year! (HUGE accomplishment in my book.)

5. I FINISHED and started my first round of edits on Dagger of the Sun. (I am now one step closer to fame and fortune.)

6. The year introduced me to some great music! JT made a comeback and Lorde is now one of my favourite singers.

7. I got three jobs, worked all of them at the same time, and lived to tell the tale.

8. I am halfway closer to buying myself a Porshe, which is awesome because I was dead broke at the end of August.

9. I took my class of Kindergarteners to a museum and we all walked away unscathed (aka, there was NO heist). 

10. I got a letter telling me that my FIRST EVER short story/essay would be published in February 2015.

And those are my highlights from 2013. Yes, most of them are more sentimental than tangible, but I really did have a great year – and somewhat insane – year.

Best of all, I SURVIVED!

And so what was the last book I read this year…

Drum roll please…

BLACK AND BLUE by Gena Showalter.

I really did love this one!

Rika Ashton 

(aka “I MADE IT TO 2014!)

P.S: Here’s the latest from Lorde…


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