Connecting the DOTS

As most of you might already know DOTS (aka Dagger of the Sun) is undergoing some changes. The more time I spend in my fictionalized version of Ancient Greece, the more the world expands – in particular, the Underworld. The Underworld in DOTS is actually a world within a world, and in my version it existed long before Hades claimed it for the dead. And unlike the surface world of mortal Greece, which with the exception of supernatural elements, is mostly true to history – the Underworld is almost 99% a fictionalized landscape. I’m having loads of fun naming places and coming up with groups of people who inhabit the different landscapes of the Underworld.

Best of all, I actually get to stretch my creative muscles a bit and create a map of the Underworld. I actually get to draw! (Or at least I like to call all the chicken scratch I’m throwing on paper “drawing.”)

Of course, not all of the terrain with be revealed in the first book, so I don’t get to draw a complete map…otherwise that would be some major spoilage for book two, but what I do get to include is very detailed.

But I have to say: PLEASE, DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH from this map – I am NOT an artist and therefore, it’s going to be a very amateurish attempt at drawing a map.

However, despite the fact that it will be a very embarrassing attempt, I will still swallow my pride and share on the blog.

And for those of you still not deterred and unafraid of having your eyes bleed, I do have a very bad rough draft.

To make up for my bad mapping skills, I’ll share a teaser from DOTS. This is a scene that happens way later in the novel, and features Bae and Kael. The gentlemen are discussing Bae’s rigorous training schedule for Delphyne.

Ben Hill, my inspiration for Bae.

“Do you think I’m being too hard on her?” Bae asked.

Kael thought about the still-healing cut that he had seen running down the length of Delphyne’s right arm. The fabric of the bandage she’d hastily wrapped around the wound had been soaked through. He had been ready to drive his fist though Bae’s face last night, but had been halted by the words Delphyne had whispered to him in the flickering candlelight of their bedchamber.

“I’m still alive, aren’t I?” She had shrugged, not without flinching. “And as incredible as this may seem at the moment, I do plan to stay that way.”

“I think it’s good for her,” Bae continued, dunking his hands into a basin full of water. He splashed a handful of the water on his face, using the clear liquid to rub away the dirt and sweat of the day’s training session. “But I figured if you’re itching to slit my throat, you might as well get it over with so we can both move on.”

A river of fire. That’s how Delphyne’s wound had looked the night before. A vermilion streak over sun-kissed skin. This morning it had been the finest white line. It was healing. Fast.

So much faster than before.

“No,” said Kael. “I don’t want to slit your throat for hurting my wife.”

Bae looked at him in surprise. 

“I want you to keep training her…until she’s strong enough to slit your throat on her own.”

And there you have it! I had to cut out some parts from the scene – because some things that Kael says are spoilers – but I felt relatively safe uploading this.

Hopefully you enjoyed the little snippet, and now I have to get back to writing! 😀

Rika Ashton

(aka The Mapmaker)


4 responses

  1. >_< OMG I LOVE IT. I was about to send a few emails when you showed Bae and made me think she ends up with him.

    Of course now I want to know how they got there…

    Send me the next chapters!!! (And your map is great!)


    March 23, 2014 at 5:58 am

    • Thanks! I’m going to head to Staples and get the right drawing pen. I was testing out the ones I have on the roughly draft and one is too skinny, while the others too fat. I figure if my drawing skills suck, I should at least use the right supplies to make up for it.

      I’m glad you liked the teaser…it happens later into the second half of the novel. We’re not even close to it in the edits…but I promise I am trying to speed up the meeting between Kael and Delphyne so you’ll at least get to see how they react to one another.

      I will send you the chapters soon. I’m hoping for Monday, cuz I’m giving little bro feedback on his History paper tonight and I have no idea how long that’s going to take.


      March 23, 2014 at 11:11 am

  2. june h.

    I’m so SOOOO relieved to know that the romance is between K + D. I so ship them. Now I’m excited to see how you’ll unfold the story to this point. Delphyne…the wife!! That was so unexpected, but so intriguing. Thanks for sharing this with us!


    March 23, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    • Least I could do for all the torture I put you through. 😛

      I love writing Kael and Delphyne scenes, so I’m almost as impatient as you to get to this point. (Will get back to writing soon, but have to finish with the feedback and line edits with my bro on his History paper first. He’s panicking which means he’s guilt-tripped me into helping.)


      March 23, 2014 at 7:04 pm

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