Site Updates: The Chaos Edition

Rika’s in the hermit cave, as of two hours ago, and she’s asked me to post a quick update about what’s happening on the blog. So, in order to keep this real short, here are the highlights:

1. As of a few days ago, we are no longer accepting review requests. (We had fifteen in the past week alone, which when added to the ARCs Rika already had means we have well over twenty books to read and review in the next few weeks alone. We’ll be posting the reviews for some books on this blog and other will go to Romance Reader at Heart: Novel Thoughts and Book Talk – and will later be reblogged here. So stay tuned for those!) We will be open for requests at a later date, but let Rika finish with these books first.

2. Also as of a few days ago, I am trying to talk Rika into recruiting some new reviewers for the blog, so we’ll see how that goes. (Control freak that she is, this is actually going to be a tough negotiation.)

3. Rika has assured me that she will have a few more short teasers and excerpts from Dagger of the Sun (DOTS) to post soon. So that’s more Kael, Delphyne and Apollo for y’all!

4. We will also be launching the new DOTS page sometime in May/June – more about that later.

5. Rika is also working on the final draft of the DOTS Underworld map, and we will share a picture of this on the new page.

6. Finally, Rika is once again working 3 jobs, so production on the blogging front will slow down a little, but she’s asked me to pick up the slack – and so I shall.

And that’s all for the site updates for now, more to come later when we’ve made some significant headway into our to-do list.

Chaos Ashton 🙂

(aka The Sometimes Blogger)

P.S: For more amazing cat art and an article exposing some shocking truths by Adam Ellis, go here.


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