Cloak and Dagger: Cover Lover Edition

So as I was working on DOTS yesterday, my mind wandered to the different kinds of covers I might want for my novel. I was looking at covers with real models and some animated ones…and of course, it’s no secret that I LOVE the work of Larry Rostant and Jason Chan. For fantasy novel covers, these two artists have a wide array of art and samples to browse…not to mention they are uber-TALENTED! But while I was browsing through some covers for this post, I also found some more great artists! (Go ahead and check out their sites, links are in the post.)

One of my favourite themes for fantasy cover art is the “cloak and dagger” art. And I thought I’d explore the various ways its been used for some of my favourite novels:

Cover artist: Larry Rostant

This one’s got a unique cloak and mask idea.

Cover artist: Jason Chan

Cannot tell you how much I love this book! And Jorg is seriously wicked! Chan did an amazing job for this cover – the tattered cloak and all the fallen/dead corpses is eerie and perfect!

Cover artist: Paul Youll

First time I’ve seen a characters back turned to you on a cover. Usually the character faces front or at least part of their face is shown, but cover feels like we’re coming up behind the character and approaching the city with him.

Cover artist: Mark Winters

Not only a cool cloak, but this one’s got a jewelry! Yay!

The cloaked covers allow a reader to imagine what a character looks like and lend an air of mystery. And they all look amazingly BADASS!

And then there are the covers with the partially cloaked character. Still badass, but with less mystery:

Cover artist: Jason Chan

Another of my all-time favourite novels! The character’s unconcealed face means we get to see her fierce expression clearly.

Cover artist: Jason Chan

The flaming dagger is what attracted me to this cover by Chan. I’ve always though that it if the character was wearing Ancient Greek clothes, and if her hair was a bit longer, it would be the perfect cover for DOTS. 😀

The “hooded man/woman” might be an overdone for the fantasy genre, but I think that it still works. And each cover is unique or adds something to the traditional image. And it still remains one of my favourites!

What’s your favourite fantasy cover art theme? (Or artist?)

Rika Ashton

(aka The Cloaked One)


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