Release Day Review: THE VIRGIN OF CLAN SINCLAIR by Karen Ranney

Disclaimer: An advanced reviewer’s copy of this novel was given to Rika’s Musings by the publisher in return for an honest review.

The Virgin of Clan Sinclair is the second Karen Ranney book I have read recently, the first was The Witch of Clan Sinclair (book two in this series, while this is book three.) Both books were BIG hits with me and I am fast becoming a Karen Ranney addict.

The Virgin of Clan Sinclair was a nice conclusion to a heartwarming series:

Ellice Traylor has a secret. Beneath her innocent exterior beats an incredibly passionate and imaginative heart. She has been pouring all of her frustrated virginal fantasies into a scandalous manuscript. But when her plans for her future are about to be derailed by her mother’s matrimonial designs, she takes matters into her own hands.

Ross Forster, the Earl of Gladsden, has spent his life creating order out of chaos. He expects discipline and calm from those around him. What he does not expect is a beautiful, thoroughly maddening stowaway in his carriage.

But when Ross discovers Ellice’s secret book, he finds he can’t stop thinking about what other fantasies the disarming virgin can dream up. He has the chance to learn when a compromising position forces them to wed. But can the uptight Earl survive a life with his surprising new wife? And how will the hero of Ellice’s fantasies compare to the husband of her reality?

The Review:

As I was reading this novel, I kept thinking that Ms. Ranney must have written this one about me. Ellice is such a relatable character – with an occasionally overbearing mother (ehem…), wild imagination, sometimes horny (ehem again), and a bit of an introvert unless she’s with friends. This was a pretty close description of me, lol! And her relatability was one of the reasons this book was such a winner with me. Plus all her overly dramatic internal monologue had me laughing out loud!

“Was she taken ill?” he’d say.

“Suddenly,” the doctor said. “She called for you but you weren’t there.” The man turned and looked at Ross, eyes narrowed, mouth firmed. “Where were you, sir, that you denied your wife comfort in her hour of need?”

“With another woman, of course. Her breasts are larger and her hips wider. She didn’t refuse me.”

Did I mention that Ellice is a writer? Her imagination is very creative and comes up with the most unlikely of scenarios.  As for the book that Ellice writes, The Lustful Adventures of Lady Pamela, well that’s where the fun starts.

The hero, Ross, thinks he resembles the Donald – Ellice’s fictional creation from The Lustful Adventures of Lady Pamela – too much and that others will pick up on it which can prove embarrassing for his election campaign…maybe even detrimental. Of course, he’s secretly intrigued by the novel and gets hot every time he reads it, but pretends to be a stickler in front of Ellice.

Ross was an interesting character in his own way. He wasn’t a tortured hero per say, but was getting there – he had the betrayal of his first wife, Cassandra, and his father to overcome. Luckily, however, he didn’t spend too much time moping around and I liked that he didn’t refuse to acknowledge that he loved her when asked by his mother. I was expecting a denial, but he was honest with himself and Ellice.

Honesty was a common characteristic that I enjoyed between both Logan – the hero from The Witch of Clan Sinclair – Ross, and it’s a refreshing change from the usual self-denial cliche, and I hope that the rest of Karen Ranney novels have similarly – though not 100% the same – honest heroes because, yes, I will DEFINITELY be reading more of Ms. Ranney’s books.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Virgin of Clan Sinclair and highly recommend this book to all my fellow historical romance lovers! Four out of five for this one!


-Rika Ashton

(aka Book Reviewer)


2 responses

  1. Lovely review!! I have really fallen in love with this series. I think its some of her best work. Although some of her older novels are pretty fantastic too!! I loved this pair, they were quite endearing.


    June 5, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    • Thank you! I loved this series. I went back to read THE DEVIL OF CLAN SINCLAIR and loved it. I’m officially a lifelong fan now. I’m glad she has a huge backlist for me to read through. 🙂


      June 5, 2014 at 3:18 pm

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