Throwback Thursday: RECKLESS by Hannah Howell

I have a love/hate relationship with this week’s Throwback Thursday pick: Reckless by Hannah Howell.

Heir to the clan MacFarlane, Ailis was a prize to be bartered by her calculating father, and her wedding to a man she despised seemed inevitable–until she is abducted by her clan’s worst enemy, Alexander MacDubh, a brutally handsome laird with ice in his eyes and hot blood in his veins. She had heard rumors of the most famous and feared member of the MacDubh clan, a fair and loving man transformed by grief into an embittered, cold-hearted raider. And now, she was at his mercy.

Alexander had come riding into Leargan to claim the three children born of a forbidden love between his brother and lovely Ailis’ sister. Now, with Ailis herself as his pawn, he can strike at the enemy whose treachery robbed his clan of so much. Her beauty and her fierce temper stir his blood, and vengeance has never been so sinfully sweet. But will a passion they cannot deny by enough to ease the pain and torment of the past–and break the chains around his heart?

I HATED – and I mean with a capital H-A-T-E-D – this novel’s hero, Alexander. I think he was pretty much the reason why the term “alphole” was invented. On the other hand, I really liked Ailis and she deserved much better in my opinion. Unfortunately she was stuck between two suitors:

1. The very rapey, Donald

2. The slightly less rapey, Alex.


Well, it’s no surprise that Ailis picks Alex with a great choice like that, huh?

I wanted something better for Ailis, and this is why I ultimately fell in love with the novel. (Are you confused yet?)

Okay, let me explain that convoluted statement. All of the characters in this novel are well written – it’s the only reason that I could hate or love them so passionately. They all had backstories and they all had baggage from their past, but not all of them grew up to be ideal people…and that’s okay. Fact is, Ms. Howell was able to write a story to which I reacted emotionally, and that was ultimately what I fell in love with – her writing. This novel may not have been my cup of tea, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t try another Hannah Howell novel.

And I did…

And I loved it!

And then I read another, which I also loved. And another…and so on.

Have you ever tried a book by a new author that you hated? Have you ever picked up another book by the same author that you loved? 

Rika Ashton

(aka Reckless Reporter)


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