Throwback Thursday: THE MAD, BAD DUKE by Jennifer Ashley

I’m sharing an old favourite this week for Throwback Thursday. It was one of the very first Jennifer Ashley novels I read, and the novel that made me realize that I was madly, badly in love with her writing.


The Mad, Bad Duke by Jennifer Ashley!

Meagan Tavistock can easily see how Alexander earned the nickname Mad, Bad Duke. His deep blue eyes promise sinful pleasure and his rich voice intimates that as soon as they are skin to skin, he’ll fulfill desires she isn’t even aware of.

When a love spell misses its intended target, Meagan can no longer resist the temptation…until the magic wears off, leaving the pair in a most compromising position. Their only option is a marriage that thrusts Meagan into a new world of high danger, dark secrets, and a passion so intense she can’t help wondering: Is it the lingering power of the spell or true love at last?

The second of the Nvengaria series, The Mad, Bad Duke was the reason I went back and read Penelope and Prince Charming – an equally delightful tale, but Meagan and Alexander have a special place in my heart.

Alexander came of as cold initially, but boy was he HOT! And Meagan was a sweetheart from start to finish. The novel had everything that my paranormal and historical loving heart desired – magic and carriages and lavish parties. In fact, just thinking about the book makes me want to read it again. 🙂

Rika Ashton

(aka The Madly, Badly Still in Love)


4 responses

  1. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    I still need to catch up on Jennifer Ashley’s backlist. I do love her Highland series!


    October 24, 2014 at 11:24 am

    • Me too! I’m a huge fan of her Mackenzie series, I’m glad she’s still writing them. 🙂

      Her paranormal are just as much fun as well!!!


      October 24, 2014 at 11:55 am

  2. I actually adored this book. It was one of the first books I read from this author. As much as I love her latest releases…there is something about her earlier titles that just sings to me still!! I definitely would love to do a re read on this one. Thanks for sharing.


    October 25, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    • Happy to share! I loved this series and once I get hold of a copy I’ll be in the re read boat with you. 🙂


      October 25, 2014 at 8:32 pm

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