7 things that Masashi Kishimoto did to piss off a loyal Naruto fan

I had to reblog this because there are no words for how much I support this blogger’s fifth point. Why, Itachi, why?

-Rika Ashton

(aka Mrs. Itachi Uchiha)


Update: This post was written on the 2nd of February, 2013 just after the events of chapter 618. It has not been updated since (i.e things might have happened in the manga that might have changed my opinion). If you’re the kind of fan, who cannot simply abide that there might exist another human being who might have ideas/opinions that are not the same as yours, please stop reading and leave.

Update 2: The last chapter of Naruto Shippuden is out, you guys. And my sort-of-not-really-an-ode is here. It’s been a pleasure reading this manga with you, ladies and gentlemen.

Warning: If you are the kind of fan who does not want to read any spoilers and are not familiar with the details of chapter 618, DO NOT READ FURTHER. You have been warned.

Everyone who’s read even a little manga or watched some anime has heard of Naruto, the…

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