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Dear Declan Chase

Dear Declan Chase,

What was wrong with you? Why were you so mean to Regin? I like Regin, she’s actually pretty nice and she’s a kick-ass Valkyrie who has luminous skin…great girlfriend/wife/mate-for-eternity material if you ask me. So again what was wrong with you that you couldn’t see that she was your soulmate…like literally?

When I first learned from Kresley Cole that you were the hero of her upcoming novel, I cringed. I mean, you were (and are) so DARK…almost evil. Then I saw the blurb and was speechless. The whole story just sounded so tragic:


Murdered before he could wed Regin the Radiant, warlord Aidan the Fierce seeks his beloved through eternity, reborn again and again into new identities, yet with no memory of his past lives.


When Regin encounters Declan Chase, a brutal Celtic soldier, she recognizes her proud warlord reincarnated. But Declan takes her captive, intending retribution against all immortals—unaware that he belongs to their world.


Yet every reincarnation comes with a price, for Aidan is doomed to die when he remembers his past. To save herself from Declan’s torments, will Regin rekindle memories of the passion they once shared—even if it means once again losing the only man she ever loved?

You drove me berserk – pun intended – in Dreams of a Dark Warrior and though I understand that Kresley Cole wanted us to hate you in the beginning but I really, really HATED you. I wanted Regin to kick your butt a few times, and at other times I wanted to do that for her…but she may have taken exception to that. For some unfathomable reason, Regin cared about you and despite how much you wanted to deny it, you cared about her too.

You frustrated me.

And yet I can’t help but feel satisfied that you got your happy ending. The more I read your novel, the more I understood where you were coming from. (Plus, it helped that Regin made you grovel before she took you back.) Your novel, Declan, was the longest I’ve read in a while. 515 pages of adventure, romance, betrayal, bite-your-nails terror and fun! It was a wild ride and I’m glad I read it, despite knowing how horrible you could be from reading Demon from the Dark. Plus, it was nice to catch up with Lucia, Carrow and Malkom, and hang out with the new guy Thad. He was great fun! I’m happy with the way things turned out and for that I’ll give your novel and 9 out of 10.

Have a great life, Declan Chase!

Sincerely yours,

Rika Ashton

P.S: I hope you don’t mind that Lothaire stole the show near the end. I know how much you hated him, but I just thought he was mega-hot!

P.P.S: I love you, Nucking Futs Nix!