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Books Lost in Time

I had some time to read while the laptop was getting upgraded – taking most of my digital ARCs with it – and I started to reread some of my favourite series. Among them was the “Seven Deadly Sins” historical romance novels by Kathryn Caskie and Kinley MacGregor‘s (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon’s) “Lords of Avalon,” a historical-paranormal romance series. Both the series had incredibly strong starts, but disappeared before conclusion due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Kathryn Caskie’s A Sin in White (book four of the series) was “waylaid at the gate.” The novel had a mock-up digital cover, and a tentative release date of Fall 2011, but progress was halted after Ms. Caskie had a medical emergency. All excerpts and teasers about the novel are still up on her site.

Kinley MacGregor’s Darkness Within (book three of the series) had an official cover, featuring Paul Marron no less, but was recalled before publication because Ms. Kenyon was not one hundred percent satisfied with her story. (And while I completely appreciate her effort, after reading the blurb, I still thought the story was AWESOME!)

After his sister is kidnapped by Morgan le Fey and her army, Hel Hound Kaziel must steal the Shield of Dagda. In New Orleans, Avery MacArthur is the guardian for the Shield. When Avery and Kaziel collide, more than their lives are at stake.

Neither novel has a release date as of yet, but Darkness Within has a countdown stating that it is 610 days away from release – but since I’ve been down this road before, back when the novel was supposed to be released in 2008, and then 2010, I’ll tell you now that it’s likely a countdown to doomsday. (But if you’re like me, my warning probably won’t stop you from hoping.)

Know of any other books lost in time? Do share!

Rika Ashton

(aka The Historian)


For the Love of Man Candy!

In order to tide me over to the release of Deception Cove by Jayne Castle, I’ve been stalking – er, researching – potential Kale candidates. (Kale is my hero/anti-hero/villain from Dagger of the Sun – what can I say, he’s complicated!)

Here are some that I found:

Introducing the delectable Paul Marron!


And the gorgeous Luke Evans!

luke evans

And this dude, who’s name I still have to learn!

Unknown 2

And last, but definitely not least!

unknown 3 (Jackal)

Kale is supposed to be dark haired and dark-eyed, but I never let a little things like details stop me from hunting down gorgeous dudes from the internet.

If you have a secret man-harem, do share!

-Rika Ashton

(aka The Man Candy Lover)

P.S: If you know the names of the last two gentlemen pictured, please do tell!